Artinfo: “Check The Label”

Alex Gingrow / All the money IS in the label / Installation view / Mike Weiss Gallery

"…a show of primarily graphite and acrylic on paper works that satirize the art world using the visual language of gallery and museum wall labels. (Even her own gallerist doesn’t escape unscathed, though we’re not sure if that one is in the show.) It’s been a while since we’ve seen bitterness put to such productive, nicely-rendered use.” Read more. At Mike Weiss Gallery, Fanciful Masks by Patrick Lundeen

Patrick Lundeen / Good For You Son / Installation view / Mike Weiss Gallery

"One has a face in triplicate. Others are embellished with fringe and hair, have bold colors and patterns adorning their lips and eyes, thick eyelashes and teeth that appear bejeweled. Depending how you feel about masks, standing in a room surrounded by them—large-scale ones substantial enough to command a gallery wall—could either be an awesome visual experience or an eerie, unsettling one." Read More. reviews Patrick Lundeen: “Play at Work: Patrick Lundeen at the Mike Weiss Gallery”

Patrick Lundeen / Sun Ra / 2012 / Acrylic on canvas with fringe / 73 x 49 inches

"One can imagine its future home as a focal centerpiece of a contemporary and quirky home that relishes in not taking itself too seriously while priding itself on excellent style. The level of exquisite detail, ingenuous colors isn’t dramatic despite the size and potential for tribal references. Instead, the collection has a sense of celebration and play." Read More

Patrick Lundeen’s show featured on’s June newsletter!

Patrick Lundeen / Good For You Son / Installation view / Mike Weiss Gallery

Click HERE for their list of featured shows! Scroll down to see Patrick!

Trudy Benson in “Buddy of Work” Blog

Trudy Benson / Studio Sketch / 2012 / Spray paint and masking tape on inkjet print on computer paper / 8.5 x 11 inches

"Buddy of Work is ‘…a blog that invites artists to submit an example of their primary work alongside an example of their peripheral (buddy) work.’

Benson: ‘I generated this printout [above] as a reference for Paint [below], which is a part of an ongoing series of paintings inspired partly by early digital imaging software and partly by Albert Oehlen’s Computer Paintings series.  I wanted to recreate a line that did not reference the hand, but instead referenced the wonky and imperfect alliance of a finger on a laptop touchpad.’” Read More

Trudy Benson / Paint / 2012 / Acrylic, oil enamel, spray paint, and oil on canvas / 63 x 68 inches

Jan De Vliegher's video walk through!

Patrick Lundeen: The Oblique Mystique’s New Single!

Click HERE to listen! Patrick’s show opens at Mike Weiss Gallery on June 21st!

Stefanie Gutheil opens “German Spring” Group Exhibition in Sweden

"German Spring" exhibit opens today at Galleri Arnstedt, Östra Karup, Sweden. It will run through June 20th, 2012.

Stefanie Gutheil / Landscape 2 / 2012 / Oil and textile on canvas in frame / 35 x 39 inches (88.9 x 99.06 cm)


"From the distance, we are looking into the opaque darkness of a desert — into a desolate wasteland, meaningless, empty, abysmal. Coming close to the paintings — some are 20 feet long, engulfing one in their vastness, inhuman because no human body can take its measure — we see that, in intimate fact, the paintings are composed of horizontal bands of Hebrew letters, forming blurred words. They’re unreadable scrawls, like the bizarrely shaped Kufic letters that simulated Hebrew writing in medieval religious paintings." Read More

Eugene Lemay / Navigator / Installation view / Mike Weiss Gallery / New York, NY

ArtSlant Special Edition: Frieze New York #2 - Fair Watch: Trudy Benson

Trudy Benson’s paintings are bold and bright, made of total material excess. ArtSlant’s New York team has had their eyes on this artist for quite some time.” read more.

Trudy Benson / Snowball / Acrylic, oil enamel, spray paint, and oil on canvas / 2012 / 63 x 68 in

ARTLOG Magazine - Inside PULSE New York

Will Kurtz was killing it this weekend! see more here

Will Kurtz / Julio & His Sisters (Detail) / Wood, metal wire, newspaper, glue, tape, matte medium shoe laces, earrings, and necklace / 2011 / 46 x 33 x 66 in

Sales Report: PULSE New York Keeps on Ticking…

Jan De Vliegher and Will Kurtz mentioned in ARTINFO article covering PULSE NY!
"Mike Weiss Gallery had to rehang its booth, replacing Jan De Vliegher Fragonard-esque “Happy Lovers” (which sold yesterday for $20,000) with a similar Rococo style piece by the artist. Gallerist Anna Ortt happily mentioned that the fair was raising excitement for de Vliegher’s gallery show, which opened Friday night. Meanwhile, at least three collectors are seriously considering buying Will Kurtz’s “Brighton Beach Bench” installation. “Everybody is mad for it!” Ortt said. Whoever buys is going to need a big living room
read more

Jan De Vliegher / Happy Lovers / Oil on canvas / 79 x79  in

Go Kurtz! From Robotic Dogs to Blood Paintings, Top 10 Picks From PULSE New York

The Brooklyn-based artist and urban voyeur regularly combs the outer boroughs for his subjects, and his life-size portrait of three Brighton Beach old-timers (and their little dog, too) is equal parts picturesque and terrifying.”

read more to check out the other picks!

Will Kurtz / Brighton Beach Bench / 2012 / Wood, metal wire, newspaper, glue, tape, matte medium, cardboard, screws, synthetic hair and hair tie / 50 x 38 x 113 in

Go See the “Spindels” Exhibit on Sunday in NYC

See below for Vice Magazine’s write up on tomorrow’s opening for “Spindles”!
Hi, you’re welcome. What are you thanking us for? Oh, just completely planning your Sunday evening (if you live in New York). It will consist of going to Spindles, a group exhibition curated by VICE’s own Adam Mignanelli and featuring Ryan Foerster, Trudy Benson, Palma Blank, Matt Mignanelli, Maia Ruth Lee, Amy Feldman, and more."
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