Will Kurtz donates sculpture for the New York Academy of Art’s “Take Home A Nude” benefit auction

Will Kurtz / Chalkley on IKEA Chair / 2012 / Wood, metal wire, newspaper, glue, tape, matte medium, cardboard, and IKEA chair / 48 x 30 x 36 inches

Will Kurtz has donated a beautiful sculpture to the New York Academy of Art’s “Take Home a Nude” benefit auction. The auction will be on Thursday, October 18. For more information or to purchase tickets click HERE.

Inhabitat.com: Artist Will Kurtz Sculpts Lifelike People Out of Recycled Newspapers

"Kurtz’s characters feature the same physical imperfections that real people do — hanging jowls, rolls of fat, bags under their eyes — only these common disfigurements are not clad in skin, but instead with the colorful pattern of used newsprint and magazines. Occasionally, the artist uses what is printed on the pages he uses as his medium, projecting the scandalous headlines, gloomy news and tabloidized faces of celebrities onto the surface of each character." Read More.

Will Kurtz / Brighton Beach Bench / 2012 / Wood, metal wire, newspaper, glue, tape, matte medium, cardboard, screws, synthetic hair and hair tie / 50 x 38 x 113 inches (127 x 96.52 x 287.02 cm)

ARTLOG Magazine - Inside PULSE New York

Will Kurtz was killing it this weekend! see more here

Will Kurtz / Julio & His Sisters (Detail) / Wood, metal wire, newspaper, glue, tape, matte medium shoe laces, earrings, and necklace / 2011 / 46 x 33 x 66 in

Sales Report: PULSE New York Keeps on Ticking…

Jan De Vliegher and Will Kurtz mentioned in ARTINFO article covering PULSE NY!
"Mike Weiss Gallery had to rehang its booth, replacing Jan De Vliegher Fragonard-esque “Happy Lovers” (which sold yesterday for $20,000) with a similar Rococo style piece by the artist. Gallerist Anna Ortt happily mentioned that the fair was raising excitement for de Vliegher’s gallery show, which opened Friday night. Meanwhile, at least three collectors are seriously considering buying Will Kurtz’s “Brighton Beach Bench” installation. “Everybody is mad for it!” Ortt said. Whoever buys is going to need a big living room
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Jan De Vliegher / Happy Lovers / Oil on canvas / 79 x79  in

Go Kurtz! From Robotic Dogs to Blood Paintings, Top 10 Picks From PULSE New York

The Brooklyn-based artist and urban voyeur regularly combs the outer boroughs for his subjects, and his life-size portrait of three Brighton Beach old-timers (and their little dog, too) is equal parts picturesque and terrifying.”

read more to check out the other picks!

Will Kurtz / Brighton Beach Bench / 2012 / Wood, metal wire, newspaper, glue, tape, matte medium, cardboard, screws, synthetic hair and hair tie / 50 x 38 x 113 in

MWG is Exhibiting at PULSE Art Fair Booth A7!

Mike Weiss Gallery / Booth A7
Artists include Jan De Vliegher, Will Kurtz, Trudy Benson, KAORUKO, Kim Dorland and Patrick Lundeen.

PULSE New York, May 3 - 6, 2012 
The Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street (between 6th & 7th Ave.)
New York, NY 10011 

Friday            10am - 8pm
Saturday        noon - 8pm            
Sunday          noon - 5pm

"Will Kurtz: Extra Fucking Ordinary" show review in Whitehot Magazine

By Stephanie Peterson. February 21, 2012.

"The interplay that Kurtz draws between text and form forces viewers to move beyond their visceral reactions, and contemplate the nonsense inherent in the headlines and photos of popular media. The most intriguing aspect of this body of work lies in the multitude of ways the viewer can attempt to decipher the artist’s intended correspondence between images, texts, and the sculptures…"
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Hyperallergic writer reviews Will Kurtz’s show

“Paper People and Rude Shocks” By Thomas Micchelli

"Some shows are designed to shock, and you’d expect that one sporting the title Extra Fucking Ordinary would be among them. And you’d be right. But in a departure from a great many New York art exhibitions gleefully trafficking in frontloaded indecorum (Steve Gianakos’ black-and-white inversions of children’s book illustrations, at nearby Fredericks & Freiser, being a current example), this one actually manages to succeed in its goal… And so the shitting dog that greets you at the entrance of Mike Weiss Gallery, straining over a curled paper turd — along with its doppelganger in the rearmost room, sniffing the nether regions of a crouching semi-nude yanking up her pantyhose — may be bracing in their rawness, but shocking? Yes and No.”

to read full review click here

Will Kurtz /
Dancing Girls (detail) / 2011 

NY Art Beat review on Will Kurtz by Mary Hrbacek

Will Kurtz’s “Extra Fucking Ordinary” sculpture at Mike Weiss Gallery

"Classical sculpture peaked in the Golden Age of Greece (500 B. C.) with the emergence of volumetric form, carefully observed human anatomy, and strong verisimilitude in portraiture. In the contemporary art world, sculpture has ceased to portray mythical heroes and heroines, or conquering warriors. Even Social Realism seems to have faded with the fall of the Soviet Union. But the human figure as an evocative subject endures. Today, Will Kurtz has abandoned the lofty idealization that typifies Auguste Rodin; instead he captures the essence of the ordinary individual, in a range of informal private gestures and personal activities, with their attendant emotions."

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Will Kurtz / Sweeping Woman / 2011

Vincent Zambrano interviews Will Kurtz on ARTEFUSE New York    

"Will Kurtz is a sculptor who recently emerged onto the art scene. I had the pleasure of interviewing and viewing his work at his studio in Brooklyn, NY. Here is a look into Will Kurtz’s amazing world."

To see photos from the interview click here

Young at ART: Newspaper sculptor Will Kurtz discovers New York and his creative side after 50 

Will Kurtz was the subject of a two-page Feature article in this past Sundays’ New York Daily News.

"Those who don’t know any better would probably think Will Kurtz was just another young, emerging artist from Brooklyn. After all, his debut exhibition at the Mike Weiss Gallery in Chelsea not only has a provocative title, “Extra F***ing Ordinary” and the tech-savvy concept of sculpting people whose photos he secretly took with his iPhone on the streets of New York, but Kurtz’s art emanates from his studio in Bushwick, the epicenter of the post-Williamsburg hipster artist set…"

By Jacob E. Osterhout, Sunday, January 22, 2012 read more


Kurtz and dog, Artie / Studio View / 2011 Brooklyn, New York

Check out Vincent Romaniello’s blog to see stunning images of the “Extra Fucking Ordinary” show!


Opening Reception, Will Kurtz “Extra Fucking Ordinary” January 12 - February 18, 2012