Interview and Studio Visit with Trudy Benson by Art-Rated Blog

Interview and Studio Visit / January, 2012
By Jonathan Beer and Lily Koto Olive.

“The first actual body of work I made was based on the idea of an interior space or a room but the perspective was as if you were floating in the middle of the room and looking in – one point perspective. In that work I was thinking about the brushstroke as a personified mark, where the brushstroke would be existing within this 3-dimensional space. I came to that thinking about the Lichtenstein piece (‘Brushstroke,’ 1965) where he was poking fun at the Abstract Expressionists by doing that really graphic brushstroke with the Ben-Day dots.”  Read More

Trudy Benson / Wham! (work in process) / 2012 
Roy Lichtenstein / Brushstroke / 1965