Stefanie Gutheil in Chelsea Now!

Stefanie Gutheil’s show is featured in Chelsea Now! Check out the article by Stephanie Buhmann, and come see the show!

image - Preview: Yigal Ozeri “Territory” @ Mike Weiss Gallery

Yigal Ozeri / Untitled; Territory / 2012 / Oil on paper / 60 x 90 inches

"We’ve seen some of Yigal Ozeri’s striking photo-realistic oil paintings at various art fairs in the past, but have never witnessed a full body of work. That will all change on November 29th when the Israeli artist opens Territory at the Mike Weiss Gallery in New York. Featuring his largest portraits to date, the new series of works depicts a female Israeli soldier, in both military uniform or in contemporary dress, set against a ocean landscape. Ozeri’s skill lies in his ability to capture emotion and intimate moments of contemplation with his brushstrokes, rendering beautifully his subjects’ nuanced facial expressions and gestures. ” Read more.

Marc Séguin’s show listed in New American Paintings Blog: “Must See Painting Shows: September”

Marc Séguin / Installation view / 2012 / Mike Weiss Gallery

We are pleased to announce that Marc’s show, My Century (An Illustrated Guide for Aliens), has been listed amongst New American Painters Blog’s “Must See Painting Shows: September”! Click HERE for the full list and make sure to see Marc’s show by October 13th!

Alex Gingrow reviewed in the New York Times!

By Ken Johnson

"Alex Gingrow specializes in nipping the hand that feeds her as well as others that don’t, and she does so with considerable deadpan wit. Each of her paintings on paper in “All the money IS in the label“ depicts accurately, but much larger than life, a different gallery label copied from a real specimen from a familiar Chelsea dealer.

They are the sorts of informational labels that galleries affix to the back of works they show. All the labels here identify Ms. Gingrow herself as the artist. The twist comes in the improbable titles, many of which seem to be quoting inane conversations overheard at exhibition openings and in related industry situations.

A title on a Nicole Klagsbrun label reads, “And just think, she’s going to sell these for tons and tons of money next week.” Another declares, “Well all the money IS in the label, you know.”

Some are about familiar personalities, as in “Jerry Saltz … Jerry Saltz? Oh wait! You mean the guy from that TV show?,” which Ms. Gingrow has put on a label for the auction house Phillips de Pury, whose chairman, Simon de Pury, was on the Bravo TV show “Work of Art,” along with Mr. Saltz, an art critic. Sometimes the comic effect hinges on a single word, like the last one in the title “Who is this? Kim McCarty? Is she fancy?”

Ms. Gingrow follows a one-liner formula, but the cumulative effect is interesting for the satirical light it shines on art world sociology. Each piece could be a short story.” Read more. 

ARTE FUSE: The Gingrow Chronicles: Beyond the Frame

"If Art is the mirror of our time then it should have an unwavering reflection visible on the surface. Last August 2nd at Mike Weiss Gallery, Alex Gingrow had a solo exhibition and it’s a very revealing plus humorous look into the art industry. “All the money IS in the label” and other choice texts managed to poke fun at the players of the industry and its denizens. As they say in writing parlance, truth is stranger than fiction…” Read more.

Artinfo: “Check The Label”

Alex Gingrow / All the money IS in the label / Installation view / Mike Weiss Gallery

"…a show of primarily graphite and acrylic on paper works that satirize the art world using the visual language of gallery and museum wall labels. (Even her own gallerist doesn’t escape unscathed, though we’re not sure if that one is in the show.) It’s been a while since we’ve seen bitterness put to such productive, nicely-rendered use.” Read more. At Mike Weiss Gallery, Fanciful Masks by Patrick Lundeen

Patrick Lundeen / Good For You Son / Installation view / Mike Weiss Gallery

"One has a face in triplicate. Others are embellished with fringe and hair, have bold colors and patterns adorning their lips and eyes, thick eyelashes and teeth that appear bejeweled. Depending how you feel about masks, standing in a room surrounded by them—large-scale ones substantial enough to command a gallery wall—could either be an awesome visual experience or an eerie, unsettling one." Read More.

Patrick Lundeen Recap!

Patrick Lundeen / Good For You Son / Installation view / Mike Weiss Gallery

Patrick’s show has garnered a fair share of attention in Chelsea: listed Good For You Son as one of the TOP 10 Summer Exhibitions to see! Click HERE for the full top 10 list.

Art and Fashion Salon has featured the show as part of the, “…killer shows in Chelsea…you cannot miss!” Click HERE to see more.

Canadian Art Junkie has also featured Patrick, click HERE for images and a video.

Finally, our good friends at BALLAST have listed him as well! Click HERE for some great images.

Last Night’s Opening

Click HERE for Romanblog II’s photos from last night’s opening for Patrick Lundeen: Good For Son! If you missed the opening, the show will be up through July 28th! Lethbridge pop artist Patrick Lundeen cracks the NY gallery scene

“‘It’s more like I feel like it’s inside of me in such a way that I can’t avoid it. It’s part of me,’ Lundeen, 34, said on Tuesday, while installing his show 'Good For You Son' at New York's Mike Weiss Gallery. ‘I don’t even mean to think of this stuff. It just kind of happens because it all gets thrown together in my brain.’

Lundeen, who was born in Lethbridge and now lives in Brooklyn, works with found objects, including, in this show, a rug, toilet seat, grocery store posters and a Casio keyboard.” Read More

If you weren’t able to make it to the opening reception of KAORUKO “Aromako,” don’t worry O’delle Abney has you covered!

Trudy Benson’s “Actual/Virtual” Opening tonight in conjunction with Artwrit’s Gallery Crawl through Chelsea!

Artwrit, an independent art journal, is hosting its first Gallery Crawl through Chelsea this evening. We are very excited that the opening of Trudy Benson’s Actual/Virtual will be a stop along the crawl. There is still time to join: email


Artwrit is an independent quarterly and monthly publication committed to excellence in art writing. Our mission is to uphold the highest standard in writing about the visual arts and to advance the discipline by providing a forum where its various forms—academic criticism, cultural-inquiry and editorial styles—can exist inclusively. Equally urgent is our mission to preserve the current cultural moment by way of rigorous coverage of art at present and utilizing living resources, as in our Oral History Initiative, to document our shared cultural present and past. Our hope is that in this pursuit, we will have created an invaluable resource for artists, critics, scholars and other interested parties.

Artwrit is publishing its October issue this Sunday:

Trudy Benson’s upcoming exhibition “Actual/Virtual” Picked as one of The Village Voice’s Fall Arts: Art Picks

Trudy Benson


October 13–November 12, 2011

With titles such as Radiation Spill, Red Dwarf, and New Ninth Planet, it’s no surprise that Benson’s abstractions are large (six to seven feet on a side) and imbued with a striking luminescence that’s equal parts laboratory fluorescents and petrochemical haze. Boldly brushed and colorful, they might at first read as decorative, but this isn’t lobby art—unless it’s destined for one of those orbiting multinationals in William Gibson's Neuromancer.

To read the full article click here.

Stefanie Gutheil’s “Dreckige Katze” Installation