Mike Weiss Gallery

Feb 28

Christian Vincent’s “Ear to the Ground” featured on VAS4448 

Art blog VAS4448.wordpress.com has featured work in Christian Vincent’s latest show, Ear to the Ground, at Mike Weiss Gallery!

Christian Vincent / The Space Between / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 90 x 100 inches

"…The first reason that caused me to become instantly infatuated with these enigmatic works was the unspoken language that was vibrating from it; a language that seemed spiritual yet haunting, allegorical yet mundane. I also felt as if the paintings were beckoning me to come closer to them and engage with them and found myself hesitant when I did decide to study them closer…"

-Jag Raina

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Feb 27

Christian Vincent featured in Hi Fructose Magazine!

Christian’s new show, Ear to the Ground, was featured in Hi Fructose Magazine! Click here to read the wonderful review of his work.


Christian Vincent / Mid Summer / 2012 / Oil on canvas / 100 x 140 inches

"On February 15, Mike Weiss Gallery in New York will debut a solo show by Christian Vincent titled “Ear to the Ground.” Interested in social behavior, Weiss creates idyllic paintings set in dreamy, imaginary lands. Meandering youths populate his works — for this latest series, he explores the dynamics of conformity and desire in social situations…”

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Feb 19

Yigal Ozeri in “Photorealism Revisited”!

Yigal Ozeri will be featured in the show “Photorealism Revisited”, traveling throughout the United States through October 2013! The show is currently at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. If you’re in the area, this show is a must-see! 

Yigal Ozeri / Untitled; Megan / 2012 / Oil on paper / 42 x 60 in,

Check out our photos from the opening of Christian Vincent’s “Ear to the Ground” from February 15, 2013!


Christian Vincent’s new show: “Ear to the Ground” Is Now Open!

Come by Mike Weiss Gallery to see the amazing work by Christian Vincent  in his new show, “Ear to the Ground”!








Feb 05

Liao Yibai’s “Fake Leica” featured in Focus Magazine!

Liao Yibai's giant, stainless steel sculpture “Fake Leica” is featured in Focus Magazine! Below is Leica President, Andreas Kaufmann posing with the sculpture. Congrats to Yibai!

Jan 30

Stefanie Gutheil Featured on BeautifulDecay.com!

Stefanie Gutheil’s new show Die Beobachter is featured in an article on BeautifulDecay.com by Danny Olda!

Stefanie Gutheil’s Paintings Are About to Lose It
"The work of Stefanie Gutheil is a wonderful mess.  Her current exhibit at the Mike Weiss gallery has the atmosphere of the precise moment a party becomes a riot.  Gutheil’s paintings incorporate fleshy globs of oil and acrylic paint, fabric, glitter, hair, and fur.  The seemingly turbid materials match the paintings’ libidinous subject matter.  Even some of the paintings frames  only seem to exist in order to be defied – cat’s tails, pants, hats all push past gilded frames and off the canvas.  In what she portrays and how she portrays it, Gutheil’s work pinpoints a curious place precisely between fun and horror – the moment before the last finger loses its grip.”

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Stefanie Gutheil / Kentaur / 2012 / Oil and fabric on canvas / 79 x 63 in

Jan 24

Stefanie Gutheil in Chelsea Now!

Stefanie Gutheil’s show is featured in Chelsea Now! Check out the article by Stephanie Buhmann, and come see the show!


Jan 23

Kim Dorland at the Harbourfront Centre!

Kim Dorland will be showing all new works in a group show at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, ON. Check out the Mike Weiss Gallery website for more works by Kim Dorland!


Kim Dorland/Painter in his Canoe/2013/Oil and acrylic on wood panel/8 x 10 in

Jan 17

Stefanie Gutheil’s “Die Beobachter” Open!

Come by Mike Weiss Gallery to see the installation of Stefanie Gutheil’s new show Die Beobachter!






The show looks amazing!

Jan 12

Stefanie Gutheil’s “Die Beobachter” in Arte Fuse

The opening of Stefanie Gutheil’s new solo show at Mike Weiss Gallery, Die Beobachter, was reviewed in Arte Fuse

"Flowing over and out of their gilded frames’ physical limits, these three-dimensional paintings capture grotesque scenes with animals, half-human figures and invented beasts that represent Gutheil’s continued exploration of excess, exaggeration, chaos, and figurative painting." Click here to read more.

Stefanie Gutheil / Die Beobachter / 2013 / Installation shot

Jan 05

Eugene Lemay’s “Navigator” and Alex Gingrow’s “All the Money IS in the Label” are in Art Fuse Best of 2012!

Art Fuse has compiled a “Best of” list for 2012, and two of our exhibitions are in! Eugene Lemay’s Navigator was mentioned in the best exhibitions of March 2012, and Alex Gingrow’s All the Money IS in the Label was named the best of August 2012.


Alex Gingrow /All the Money IS in the Label/ Install shot

"In the year I have written for AF then couple that with so many art openings, shows, previews, and fairs in New York City even beyond, it merits a time to reminisce on 2012 and its kaleidoscopic array of visual arts. It is filled with so much wonder and surprises. But best of all, the privilege of writing for this online blog has given me great things beyond words. Besides outlining the notable shows I have attended – I am putting forth my BEST in SHOW as a personal stamp of what I love about art.” Check out the full article here.

Jan 04

Yigal Ozeri’s “Territory” Reviewed in Artes Magazine

Mary Hrbacek’s review of Yigal Ozeri’s Territory is also in Artes Magazine. Click here to read the full article.

Dec 28

New York Art Beat: Yigal Ozeri “Territory”

Check out this amazing review of Yigal Ozeri’s Territory by Mary Hrbacek in NY Art Beat.


Yigal Ozeri / Untitled, Territory / oil on canvas / 80 x 120 in. / 2012

"Yigal Ozeri salutes his country of origin in new oil paintings at Mike Weiss Gallery, that fuse the concept of the warrior goddess with the “universal soldier,” paying homage to heroine of the show, whose looks and reputed combat skills rival the attributes of the mythological goddess, Atalanta. His show entitled “Territory” explores an essential human archetype in direct, uncompromising images, rarely conjured in art today. In the United Kingdom, people honor and venerate the Queen as the figurehead that symbolizes the nation. In Israel, the nation places its hopes and expectations for the future, even its very survival, upon the reigning queen of the military."

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Yigal Ozeri’s Territory reviewed in Modern Painters

Yigal Ozeri’s Territory, on view until January 5th, was reviewed in the December issue of Modern Painters. “The psychological subtext he captures is a mixture of youthful innocence and adult burdens,” writes Georgina Wells. Check out the magazine to read more.